Mixed Media is the Message

Stripes and sparkles, lines, lace, and leather; yes the 2013 GUESS Holiday Collection has been revealed to the press and will be arriving in stores between October and December.


The casual pieces of the holiday collection are displaying a lot of military inspired designs as well as a lot of denim shirts, jackets, and the traditional array of the staple GUESS jeans. The not so staple aspect of these jeans showing up in this year’s collection, however, is mixing denim textures and colours within a single item.  Although the jeans may physically consist of a single denim medium, their mixed look follows closely to the overall mixed media theme dominating the dressy/trendy portion of the collection. The casual collection also boasts a lot of knits with asymmetrical cuts, holes portraying a worn look, and lots of metallic beading accents. Overall the hues are light and soft in the casual coats, bags, and accessories – vintage soft pinks and beige/greys.


The accessories are prominent in the collection and inspiring. All of the leather accessories, footwear, and bags incorporate a lot of chains, buckles, and zippers – zippers are a very big part of the Guess holiday collection, specifically diagonal zipper placement – and we will be seeing a lot of black stone and gold accented jewelry. An impressive and elegant new set of watches is also being released with the Holiday Collection that will prove to be excellent Christmas gift items.






Within the dressy/trendy portion of the collection we are continuing to see a lot of peplum and lace inspired by last fall’s looks, as well as a lot of cocktail dresses incorporating sweetheart necklines with connecting sleeves and sheer overlay top portions; all of these sexy dress options display prominent open backs. In this part of the collection there are a lot of black, red, and white pieces, which is to be expected of a holiday collection, but all pieces reiterate the Holiday theme of sparkles, lines, and lace.


Ultimately the truly inspiring pieces or the “show-pieces” of this year’s Holiday Collection are without a doubt the jackets. It is within the jacket pieces that mixed media really becomes the message. My favorite piece was a black dress coat that was a mixed media piece incorporating a wool base with woolen sleeves and a leather front featuring multi-directional zipper accents. Aside from physical mixed media in the jackets, we are also seeing a lot of quilting on leather items. Much like the intertwined denim in the jeans in the casual and trendy portions, the multiple textures being picked up in the leather jackets once again bring home this mixed media theme.


Keep your interest piqued and your eyes open for some of these stunning new additions to the GUESS wardrobe; they are sure to inspire personal experimentation and will definitely turn heads.



Published in Fashion Weekly magazine August 2013.