Letters of Recommendation

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Re: Letter of Recommendation

Oct 2014

To Whom It May Concern,

Amanda Labelle has been a wonderful addition to the Fusia team. She handles her day to day work well, adhering to time pressure and heavy workloads, and is very efficient and capable of meeting deadlines and prioritizing. She demonstrates a higher quality level of writing and a keen eye for editing. She also demonstrates a continuously improving proficiency with web content management.

Amanda is a smart worker who is a quick study and confident in her own abilities, but she is also willing to accept personal accountability for her work and is always open to feedback from others. She is eager to learn and try new things and embraces opportunities for professional development.

Amanda has proven on many occasions to be cooperative and dependable, always accepting work opportunities when approached and frequently takes the initiative to go after story ideas on her own.

Through my interaction with her, I can advocate that Amanda thrives in a creative and innovative environment. She is a dedicated and hard worker and would be an asset to any company that she works for.



Meera Solanki Estrada


Meera Solanki Estrada | Founder & Owner | FUSIA| MEDIA|EVENTS|COMMUNICATIONS 416.709.6337meera@fusia.ca FUSIA MEDIA INC. www.fusia.ca

186 Beechgrove Drive, Toronto, ON, Canada M1E 3Z5


 fahion weekly

T: 416.722.2757

E: contact@fashweekly.com



Re: Letter of Recommendation

June 2014

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is to confirm that Amanda Labelle completed a fashion and lifestyle internship at Fashion Weekly.  Through Fashion Weekly she was required to attend many events, write reviews, conduct interviews and represent the FW brand. She has worked on styling, shoots and event management.

Amanda has successfully completed all her tasks. She has quality to her work that stand above others. She is truly a well- rounded personality.  I would advise her to keep working in the fashion, lifestyle and entertainment fields and would highly recommend fellow industry peers to hire her as she would truly be an asset to their company and brand.



Sakina Khawaja, Creative Director

Fashion Weekly






Re: Letter of Recommendation

Aug 2011

To Whom It May Concern,

It has been a pleasure knowing and working with Amanda over the past few years. She dedicated 4 years to Uncharted Sounds and is to date the journalist who has produced the most articles. She is a passionate and enthusiastic individual who puts a lot of time and dedication into her work. She approaches every assignment with well thought out plans and incredible organization. She also has a tendency to thoroughly research as she is contentious about getting all of the details right in any project that she is working on. She also presents material in a very coherent, organized, and logical way that is easy to read.

On many occasions I would ask her to cover an event or do an interview, sometimes on quite short notice, and she was always willing to take on these assignments. I could always count on her when I needed something covered. Her dependability, professionalism, and excellent writing quality lead me to offer her the more important feature stories. I was confident in her ability to generate superior work and to govern herself with confidence and to be respectful and professional.

She is also willing to help, mentor, and train others; she frequently recruited writers to the magazine and went with them to their first couple of events until they felt comfortable to continue on their own. Amanda is also incredibly adaptable and doesn’t require formal structure to be able to produce quality work; she is more than capable of adjusting to whatever is thrown her way. She also possesses a strong desire to continue to develop new skills and maintains a high level of enthusiasm and interest in her work.

I would recommend Amanda for work in journalism, publishing, media or communications.


Lisa Balestri

Found, Editor and Chief

Uncharted Sounds Magazine


Uncharted Sounds Inc.

3-1750 The Queensway Suite 1240

Toronto, Ontario, M9C 5H5






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