Hottest Interior Design Trends of 2013

All of the latest fashion and home design magazines are buzzing about the hottest interior design trends of 2013:

  1. Brass and gold furniture accents
  2. Elegant graceful design or classic/traditional fabrics
  3. Homey kitchens
  4. Computer generated fabrics
  5. High gloss paints on woodwork and mouldings but dark-stained wood tones
  6. James Mont Furniture
  7. Emphasis on art
  8. Bright paint colours or softer pastel hues
  9. Sophisticated man caves
  10. Antique furniture

The brass and gold furniture accents can be easily found in lamps, candlesticks, picture frames, etc., and stand out nicely against the dark-stained wood tones.

Home Beautiful Brass     Home Beautiful Floral Fabric

There are still some brighter paint colours showing up in 2013 designs, but for the most part last-years pops of colour have been replaced by softer pastel hues. These softer paint colours are also accentuated by soft coloured couches, chairs, blankets, throw pillows – any of the comfortable and soft furniture elements. Classic or traditional fabrics are seen on throw pillows and in drapery, simplifying the living space into one that is comfortable and elegant, while antique furniture is showing up in chests and dressers that become focal pieces tying entire rooms together.


House Beautiful AntiquesHouse Beautiful James Mont Room Divider

And finally, the ever more popular man cave is upping the ante to include more higher-scale media and gadgets.

House Beautiful Man Cave

So what do these new trends mean for everyday consumers? Well first, it doesn’t mean that everything in your house is outdated and that you have to start over. These new trends can be anywhere from inspirational cues to prompt a re-design, or they can merely be tantalizing suggestions to add to already admired décor. Ultimately, how one decorates one’s home is subject less to current trends and more to the personalization of living space; one picks colour palates and furniture that displays one’s personality. This is usually a slow, organic process to choose the optimal wall colour, finding that lamp that’s just right or that chair that pulls together the whole space. In the end, though, these pieces of furniture, artwork, and colour palates mean something – they are what turn a house into a home and express those living in it. It’s often the “stuff” accumulated through living life – those things that aren’t in any home décor catalogues – that truly make a great living space. That old armchair inherited from your grandfather, that painting you bought on vacation, mouldings of your children’s handprints; these are the decoration pieces that tell a story and that are completely unique and can’t be found anywhere else. It is in blending these older significant items with newer trends that really bring a space to life and keep it from getting too out of date.

Home Beautiful Kitchen

Indeed, there are many exciting new trends showing up this year that you may want to keep your eyes open for, but in the end, home décor is about self-expression that exists outside of time-frames. Your home, like your clothing, needs to fit you – it needs to express who you are inside and out.


Sources Stating 2013 Trends:

  1. Home Beautiful Magazine (all photos taken from this site).
  2. Wilton Patch Blog–2013-interior-design-trends


Published in Fashion Weekly magazine, September 2013

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