Narces Studio Show

The Narces 2014 spring collection couples pieces that are fun, flirty, and hyper feminine with others that are classy, elegant, and a little bit sexy. The type of creations that can adapt to any setting, whether professional, social, or intimate, Narce’s collection has every look that your wardrobe needs for spring 2014. In the flirty and fun portion, you’ll see a lot of beading, lace, dots, and sparkle. The dresses maintain shorter flirty skirt lines, including ballerina and A line, with some flowing longer options as well. Here styles are light and flowy, with a colour palette that boasts softer pastel hues, giving the collection a very fresh and feminine feel. In the more sophisticated and classy portion, you’ll still see a lot of lace and beading, but this is most often darker hues and black over nude or lighter metallic linings, and designs fit a little closer to the body. If I could describe this collection in 3 words they would be feminine, flirtatious, and fun. Her designs are perfect for spring and I’m confident that we will see many of these adorable designs leave the runway and resurface on the streets of Toronto this coming spring.


Publishin in Fashion Weekly, November 2013


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