Mikael D Runway Show

Mikael D’s 2014 spring line offers a unique juxtaposition between class, femininity, and elegance and a more risqué sexual allure. The collection boasts a lot of beading, lace, and sparkle, along with a lot of eccentric design work and an intricate attention to detail that adds a certain haute couture element to his work. Definitely high-end materials, Mikael’s work evokes class and high-fashion all the way. The central theme of this 2014 spring collection is a mock-nudity that takes every elegant piece that little step further towards seductive and alluring. With a lot of lace overlay and nude linings, the garments and the person wearing them seem to blend. Truly a collection for those whose fashion sense is an extension of their personal identity, these pieces are sensational and inspiring. My favorite piece, what I have deemed his “naked dress” out of his entire mock-nude collection, is a beautiful curve accentuating dress that is nude with sparkly blue accents. The dress hugs the model and covers the body in a way that it seems to be an extension of the girl herself. Definitely head-turning quality, Mikael D’s 2014 spring collection will get your pulse racing and take your breath away.


Published in Fashion Weekly, November 2013



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